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Description de l'appartement de Neyla.
Neyla J. Blackwood
Description de l'appartement de Neyla.  Cmlgi0u
Date d'inscription : 26/11/2016
Messages : 489
J'ai : 25 ans
Je suis : étudiante en droit.
On me dit que je ressemble beaucoup à : Natalie Dormer
Ceci est purement pour vous montrez comment est l'appartement de la jeune femme.

I'm only afraid of what I want
ft. tris & four۰ divergent.

I open my eyes to the words "fear god alone" painted on a plain white wall. I hear the sound of running water again, but this time it’s from a faucet and not from the chasm. Seconds go by before I see definite edges in my surroundings, the lines of door frame and countertop and ceiling. The pain is a constant throb in my head and cheek and ribs. I shouldn’t move; it will make everything worse. I see a blue patchwork quilt under my head and wince as I tilt my head to see where the water sound i s coming from. Four stands in the bathroom with his hands in the sink. Blood fro m his knuckles turns the sink water pink. He has a cut at the corner of his mouth, but he seems otherwise unharmed. His expression is placid as he examines his cuts, turns off the water, and dries his hands with a towel. I have only one memory of getting here, and even that is just a single image: black ink curling around the side of a neck, the corner of a tattoo, and the gentle sway that could only mean he was carrying me.

He turns off the bathroom light and gets an ice pack from the refrigerator in the corner of the room. As he walks toward me, I consider closing my eyes and pretending to be asleep, but then our eyes meet and it’s too late. “Your hands,” I croak. “My hands are none of your concern,” he replies. He rests his knee on the mattress and leans over me, slipping the ice pack under my head. Before he pulls away, I reach out to touch the cut on the side of his lip but stop when I realize what I am about to do, my hand hovering...

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L'homme veut être le premier amour de la femme, alors que la femme veut être le dernier amour de l'homme.
Oscar Wilde©️ by anaëlle.
Mer 1 Mar - 23:58
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